Palais Theatre Re-brand

St Kilda’s much loved Palais theatre consistently hosts an eclectic mix of events by both local and international performers. 
I wanted to represent this dynamic, vibrant and versatile culture and felt that it was imperative for my design approach to reflect this chameleon like characteristic.

Devising a colour system that gave each glyph a numerical value, the names of performers and events create numbers that are then matched to the closest Pantone U value. This theatrical system allows every event to be represented by its own personal / custom colour, it is true that occasionally the colour used for a specific event may not be ‘traditionally appropriate’ although this eclectic, avant-garde combination would assist the Palais Theatre in standing out from its competitors, also providing them with a unique voice in a very competitive market place.

In order to successfully unite tradition with an innovative approach I constructed a seven column grid system based on the theatre’s front façade, this was then integrated with an isometric grid in order to evoke a sense of growth, progression and dynamicity thus remaining respectful of the theatre’s existing culture, heritage and values while also broadening the target audience and strengthening the Palais Theatre’s longevity.

© 2018 Nick Fontaine
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