Conspiracy Theory

In groups we were asked to choose a conspiracy theory that we would like to explore, together my group chose UFOs, after extensively researching this topic we then created a short video outlining basic facts and findings.

As for the individual component of the brief we were required to draw on this conspiracy theory and the knowledge we had obtained and take our response a step further, again explaining what the theory was, stating our position (for or against) and then convincing the audience that this was the correct stance by using our research and findings.

I planned on creating a ‘initiation/welcome kit’ to a UFO cult religion group, this would include a hand bound book/bible in a box which would also contain an identification necklace for the newly inducted cult member. I wanted my response to be some what quirky and quite extreme in regards to ‘my position’ on the topic. I felt that the nature of my deliverable was successful in doing that in a visual and contextual manner. I chose my design to be predominately white as to give a; ‘clean, pure, cleansed, holy’ aura, this in conjunction with the use of the type family Futura and a consistent use of grey; ranging in tones, created the ‘neutral/brainwashed’ visual language I desired.

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