Aēsop Product Awareness Gift-pack

As a sign of acknowledgment and appreciation to a limited number of brand loyal customers, I developed a strategic gift-pack thats primary purpose was to raise the desired target audiences awareness of the company’s latest product; Resolute Hydrating Body Balm. 
Staying true to Aēsop’s existing ‘under-selling’ tactics and brand values I wanted this package to connect with the recipient on an intimate and personal level. The concept for my deliverable drew inspiration from the product itself, wanting to reflect the hydration process I chose to use untreated timber for the book covers, an intricately yet subtly textured paper stock that resembles Clathrate hydrate cells for the internal pages and imagery of leaves depicting a rejuvenation process.
This worked in conjunction with the use of minimalistic typography integrated into a grid system that subtly resembled a scientific data table. 
After extensive research into what exactly ‘true/natural beauty’ is; a recurring theme was ‘symmetry’ and ‘balance’ these were two principles factored into my design process, these can be seen throughout the grid system as well as the signatures and binding. This book (along with the product) would be encased inside a large untitled book thus prompting the recipient to create their own individual meaning/write their own story. 

Photography; www.hamishheath.com 

© 2018 Nick Fontaine
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